The Boy — And Girl — Of Summer

The Zachman was at work with me at Friday, chillin’ in the Globe’s TV room over the course of the last 90 minutes or so that I was finishing up Saturday’s edition. Bec was at the initial performance of Grace’s dance recital (I attended Saturday’s afternoon show and the Saturday evening gala), and rather than…
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Male golfer, low angle view

Help Wanted

Well, my wife and I made a fairly big decision Saturday afternoon and signed the family up for a GreatLIFE Worthington Country Club membership. I haven’t been a member of any golf course for well over a decade, so in my mind it’s sort of a big deal. We — Bec and I, along with…
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Stack of school books and apple on desk in empty classroom

Break Time

In a few short days, Grace and Zach will be through with the 2015-2016 school year. Becca and I will officially have an incoming sixth-grader and third-grader, respectively, on our hands. Of course, one common reaction when letting people know where our kids are at in school is something akin to the following: “Wow! Your…
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A Tribute To Teachers

I honestly didn’t know that Tuesday was National Teacher Appreciation Day until I got home Tuesday night for supper and my wife — who teaches seventh-grade English at Worthington Middle School — mentioned something to me about it. I immediately felt like a bit of a schmuck. A day to appreciate teachers, and I forgot…
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Children running on boardwalk

On The Run

Last Halloween, my daughter and I ran a mile together in an event coordinated by the Worthington Middle School Student Council. I had done a little bit of training on a treadmill before that — it had been so long since I’d done any running that I wanted to be as sure as possible I…
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