Purple Pounding

Here’s hoping that this little "Tales from the Chief" blog doesn’t have the impact of the well-known Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

A prediction: The Minnesota Vikings are Super Bowl bound.

Watching the game Sunday afternoon, I don’t think – other than an injury to a key player, especially Brett Favre – there’s anything stopping this team marching through the rest of the regular season and NFC playoffs. There are just too many weapons for the competition to have to contend with.

Yes, I realize I’m writing this blog in the wake of a dismantling of the Seattle Seahawks, who are not exactly an NFL juggernaut these days. Nevertheless, if the Men in Purple continue to fire on all cylinders (nice sports cliche there) the way they did Sunday, look out, league.

What Favre is doing so far this season is absolutely ludicrious. After four touchdown passes Sunday and no picks – he even gave Tarvaris Jackson some PT – Favre has 21 TD strikes and just three interceptions so far this fall.  Of course, there’s no disputing that Favre has so much surrounding talent that his great stats are in part a product of the talented cast around him. But would Jackson or Sage Rosenfels have those kind of numbers if they were running the offense? The question is about as inane as they come.

While Favre has been more than entertaining to watch – making many forget the silly retired-not retired saga that stretched on way too long during the offseason – it’s Adrian Peterson who makes this particular fan look forward to Sunday afternoons. His combination of speed and power – and the way he can transition from one to other, and often combine the two – is electric. And then there are other guys that are no slouch, either: Rice, Harvin, even the tight end Shiancoe, Chester Taylor … the list can go on.

Defensively, I think Jared Allen and Co. are better than most of the other NFC’s so-called elite. While a matchup with the still-unbeaten Saints would no doubt be a huge test – and the Vikes still do have occasional struggles defending the pass – I still feel Minnesota is the better team overall. The Vikes shouldn’t have lost the game they did at Pittsburgh (then again, they pulled out a miracle against the 49ers), and have shown the capability of winning on both the road and at home.

So … the Vikings in the Super Bowl? Sure … and the way it looks now, the likely opposition will be the Colts. Sure, there’s a long way to go before this scenario actually shapes up, but it’s hard to debate that this appears to be the best chance in years to finally bring a Lombardi Trophy home to the Gopher State.