Crashing Tiger

The whole Tiger Woods accident saga has sure been interesting to watch unfold in the newspapers, and on television and online.

The question is: Why do we care so much? Or, perhaps this is the better question: Why do so many seem to think we care?

In the event you’ve been buried in a sand trap the last three days, the world’s No. 1 golfer crashed his car at about 2:30 a.m. Friday after exiting his driveway. The timing and the nature of the accident both invite a fair degree of intrigue. There’s the fact that Woods wasn’t exactly barreling down the road like Jimmie Johnson, and yet managed to barrel into a fire hydrant that was located in a place where one can easily wonder what led Woods to strike it. Not to mention, there was an apparently dramatic rescue of Woods by his wife, Elin, during which she used a golf club (guess she found a spare one laying around!) to break the glass of the car to get her husband out.

Wonder if all of this adds up here or not? Well, a fair of share of folks who may or may not be bored with say, events in Iraq and Afghanistan are spending plenty of time waxing on the whole Tiger tale. There was a fine column on Yahoo! Sunday that recounts and analyzes all the events, and what Woods should say or do at this point.

Here’s another key (or not) part of this mess: Tiger, according to the National Enquirer (that beacon of quality journalism) was having an affair. So, was there some sort of late-night domestic dispute that led an angry husband to flee the house – and subsquently been met, post-crash, by an angry spouse whose window-breaking was not necessarily all it has been (er) cracked up to be?

Or, here’s another theory: Tiger and his wife (and many might wonder why Tiger would want to cheat on his supermodel wife, who is not to mention the mother of their two children) were awake, late, talking about the Enquirer article (and about how ridiculous it was), when Tiger went out to get Elin something – a large bouquet of roses, for instance.

And here’s something else: Our 2-year-old son, Zachary, woke up with a coughing fit at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning. We had medicine in the house to give him, but maybe something similar was the case in the Woods home. Or maybe Tiger was sick. Or maybe Elin.

We very well could never know. And the sooner any of us who are paying attention to this let this little mystery go, the better.

Yes, Tiger Woods is a major celebrity, and it is fair to hold him to a high standard in some ways. But Woods throwing childlike tantrums on the golf course after an errant drive in a tournament broadcast around the world is, to me, is more cause for discourse than an automobile accident, and whatever may have led to it. Whatever may or may not have happened between Tiger and Elin is, and should be, strictly between them and their family. We wouldn’t it any other way with us, would we?

And now, back to more important matters at hand. Like our families, friends and any other matter of personal privacy … and, oh yes, real news.