The Big Globe

Around this time last year, I remember explaining to my daughter, Grace, that I had been spending a few extra hours at work getting ready to put out a really big paper. Rather than just two sections, it would be six, I said — never mind all of the extras (advertisements) that would be inserted.

Sure enough, on the morning that the “really big paper” was delivered, Grace was pretty impressed. She couldn’t read a word of it, of course, but at least she could comprehend on some small level why her daddy hadn’t been at home as much.

This year, that big paper — our annual report — will be published as part of our March 27 edition (two weeks from today). And, as in past years, it will represent the diligent effort of many people — everyone from our reporters, advertising sales representatives and pressroom personnel.

Speaking from a newsroom standpoint, this year’s Annual Report takes a fair degree of planning and time management. Reporters are asked to continue contributing copy for each day’s edition of the Daily Globe while coordinating and writing Annual Report stories. Editors, too, find the time to write stories to include in the four special sections, and other part-time staff are often pulled into the mix to help.

The end result is a product that we can be consistently proud of, and we expect this year’s edition to be no exception. Our 2010 Annual Report, “People, Places and Things,” will include not just profiles of people — as has been the case the past two years — but informational and well-researched articles on several elements of our region. We think this Annual Report will offer a little bit of everything for all our readers, and we expect more than a few will hang on to it as a keepsake of sorts for years to come.

Early indications have shown that advertisers are recognizing the quality of our Annual Report section, as sales for the piece to this point have been very strong. We are collectively appreciative of their support, as it continues to allow us to do what we think we do pretty well — provide the best news product we can. And, as reporters continue to meet deadlines and file their stories, I’ve become increasingly eager to read the results of their significant efforts — and to begin designing the pages that you’ll be able to read later this month.

So, be sure to pick up the March 27 edition of the Daily Globe — that “really big paper” that comes around once every year.