Hat In The Ring

We received an e-mail here at the Daily Globe late Tuesday afternoon noting a candidacy for the District 22A Minnesota House seat to be vacated by Doug Magnus. Magnus, of course, is seeking to move up to the Senate in November to replace the retiring Jim Vickerman in St. Paul.

Republican Keith Forshey of Hills has announced his intentions to run and touted "his years of leadership in the customer service industry, along with small business ownership" in his press release. 

"The residents of southwest Minnesota are hard workers with strong family values," said Forshey. "I do not have an extensive political background, but what I have is common sense and the same life experiences as the average citizen in our state. I am not running for office because I have all the answers, but because of my desire to work with the people of Minnesota to find answers for our citizens. When looking for solutions, who better to get ideas and gather opinions from than the people affected by the problems."

Forshey added in his announcement that he’s focusing his campaign on a number of issues, including public service funding, education, health care, "lowering the residents’ tax burden" and creating new jobs within the district.

"I grew up in South Dakota and my family was involved in small business," Forshey stated. "I saw firsthand the struggles my parents went through owning a business in a small town, much like the many communities of southwest Minnesota. I, too, have owned my own business, and the same struggles my parents endured plagued me 20 years later.

"Lowering taxes, a less intrusive government, and simpler processes and requirements will allow our small businesses to thrive, resulting in expansion of our work force and increasing growth. We have to make it profitable and create incentives for employers to operate here in Minnesota."

Forshey called for "embracing 21st century learning methods" as a means of boosting educational quality and combating budget crunches. A volunteer firefighter, he also pledged to "protect the funding that trains and prepares the volunteer fire and rescue departments."

Forshey, who resides in Hills with his wife and three children, plans to communicate with as many district voters as he can through a personal website as well as by utilizing both Facebook and Twitter. "I will make an effort each week to organize a meet and greet within each community of our district," he added.

The first such meet-and-greet event for Forshey will take place from 2 to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Hidden Hills Cafe in Hills.