Big Weekend

I would be the first to tell you that I’m not much of a home improvement guy. And, if by chance I wouldn’t be the first, my wife would quickly vouch for that fact.

One of my aspirations is to own an older home, but I absolutely do not aspire to fixing one up. And, being that our family doesn’t take home the money that nearly every single guest on every single home show on cable seems to, that little dream is unlikely to come true anytime soon. Instead, Bec and I will simply do what we can to make our humble little home and its surrounding property as nice as it can be.

And this past weekend, we did a lot.

Our progress was the result of combined, efficient effort, taking advantage of Zachary’s naptime and keeping the kids busy when they were awake – not to mention some focus. Saturday set the tone for the weekend, as I got the grass cut (not much of a job, considering the size of our front and back yards) while Becca worked on trimming the hedges.

This is where I should tell a little tale about my first hedge-trimming experience. Needless to say, Becca felt compelled to capture it with a camera for posterity. Let’s just say the hedges wound up being more than a bit uneven. Edward Scissorhands under the influence is more like it. The hedges are still recovering, though Becca has at least managed to make them far from the laughing stock of the block that they must have been before.

Becca, in fact, did a lot of work outside over the weekend, with her biggest – and most dear to her – project being getting flowers (with Grace’s assistance) planted on Sunday. She also put some new grass seed down in the backyard in a decent-sized dead spot we have; it had been "home plate," or where the plastic tee for wiffle ball had been. (We’re now hitting the ball down the seemingly five-mile-long driveway.) Meanwhile, I did my least favorite job, but one I will never dream of having Becca do (nor would she probably ever dream of doing it, for that matter). I cleaned the gutters for both the garage and house.

Bec and I also combined to clean the garage over the weekend, in between taking the kids to play at parks on both Saturday and Sunday and having a date night Saturday evening. It’s gotten to the point – and I suppose this is a really good thing – that the kids love getting a babysitter. Here’s one fine example of that: On Sunday morning, instead of calling "Mommy!" or "Daddy!" when he woke up, Zachary was calling the name of the girl who babysat him the night before. Then again, we’ve long known that our near 3-year-old has never been shy around the ladies.

Will this weekend be as productive as last? Probably not, if only because a lot of big jobs were put out of the way this past Saturday and Sunday. Nevertheless, now that I’ve typed those words, Bec has probably got an extensive honey-do list waiting for me at home.


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  1. Kari

    My house has about a jillion of those little ash tree helicopter things in the gutters.

    How do you even clean those out, with a ladder and a broom? Or is there some better way? Currently I’m renting, but some day I would like to own a home, and eventually I’m probably going to have to do this… bleh.

    Kudos to Becca for her hedgetrimming, too!

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