Speaking With Steven Wilson

Anyone around southwest Minnesota with the least amount of interest in politics probably knows Tim Walz is our representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. A few people probably also know that Randy Demmer of Hayfield is the GOP candidate who will face Walz in the upcoming November election.

Steven Wilson, on the other hand, probably flies under the radar for far more people. He’s the endorsed Independence Party candidate for the 1st Congressional District, and he stopped by the Daily Globe Tuesday morning.

Wilson, who ran as the endorsed Republican candidate for state Senate in Minnesota’s District 28 four years ago, believes the timing is ideal for a third-party run for office.

“In America, voters aren’t happy with Republicans, they aren’t happy with Democrats and they aren’t happy with the job Congress is doing,” said Wilson, who was accompanied by his college-age daughter, Brittany. “It’s a very good time to be an independent candidate, and it’s also interesting that 35 to 40 percent of voters are independent. Voters also consider themselves to generally be conservative, so if you’re a conservative independent in an anti-incumbent environment, it’s a pretty good place to be.”

Wilson sees his candidacy as an opportunity to offer specific ideas and solutions, rather than doing the “same old, same old.” He explained that the U.S. is currently facing two deficits: a political integrity deficit and a fiscal deficit.

“One is an issue of character, the other is an issue of numbers,” he explained. “First, in order to overcome the political integrity deficit, we have to focus on an integrity pledge. I think the voters are going to need to expect that from their candidates going forward. Tell us what you’re going to do in the areas of mudslinging or lack thereof …. And are you going to come up with specific solutions, and are you going to be fiscally responsible.”

The second deficit — fiscal — is something Wilson said he’s passionate about rectifying.

“We need to get our fiscal house in order,” he stressed. “If you look back in history, every generation has had a battle or a war that we have had to overcome in order to preserve this nation. … Here’s the question: What is the battle or the war of the next generation? What is the battle or the war of the next decade? I believe that it’s a looming financial crisis.

“The first move is Congress has to act,” Wilson continued. “Right now, they’re reacting. We need to set a national debt limit, that’s the first step. The out-of-control spending has to be brought into control. …. We need to set it as a percentage of the GDP, and has to be set for the year 2018.”

Wilson, who resides in Rochester and said he has 20 years of business development experience in southern Minnesota, is calling on both Walz and Demmer to make their solutions to budgetary problems available to the public. Wilson has his on his website, www.stevenwilson.org.

“We’ve already done our homework,” Wilson said. “We differentiate ourselves from other candidates and talk about specific solutions.

“I’ve done feasibility on America and I’ve come to one conclusion; we can either have a little bit of pain now or a lot of pain later. It’s one of the two, and the sooner America can learn that, the quicker we can respond.”