I’m Back

A token few people may have been wondering for the past few two days where I’ve been. There was one entry of “Tales” during the final week of July, and none last week. As some probably surmised, I was on vacation.

Some Daily Globe staffers are extremely faithful about maintaining their blogs on a daily basis, even while out of the office for an extended time. To do this, they usually write several posts in advance, making sure their loyal readers don’t get left waiting.As for me, my goal is to usually have three new blogs a week. But, if a certain stretch of days gets particularly busy — or if I’m on vacation — the “Tales” (as scintillating as they may be) will have to wait.

And speaking of scintillating … well, that’s actually far too strong a word … vacation was just dandy.

On the first day off (Saturday, Aug. 1), there were a couple of particulary momentous events. The first came early that afternoon, when Grace had the opportunity — thanks to Globe Advertising Manager Dona Ellerbroek and husband Wade — to ride a horse for the first time. My daughter, tentative at first, had the reins of a gentle, pretty horse named Kate without Dona’s aid within minutes. She was very excited, and was equally enthusiastic about touring the rest of the farmplace. A return visit, hopefully, will be in order soon.

Then, later that day, Becca’s family began to arrive in bunches. Her parents and her sister’s family — seven folks in all — showed up around 7:30 p.m., and we tore through multiple large pizzas in no time. Of course the kids were excited, and Saturday night was the first of many consecutive late bedtimes for them. The highlight that evening was when bedtime rolled around, and Grandpa gave an exuberant reading of the Taro Gomi children’s literary classic, “Everybody Poops.” I think Zachary laughed so hard he did the other thing in his diaper.

On Sunday, I took my almost 14-year-old nephew out to Prairie View Golf Links for nine holes of utter hackdom. Well, actually, I played much better than I did during the King Turkey Day golf tournament (during which I attained such profoundly awful achievement that Sports Editor Aaron Hagen will almost never certainly take a course with me again), but it was still nothing to brag about. My nephew, on the other hand, is learning the game, and while that showed at times he also hit some wonderful shots, including nearly holing a shot out of the sand on No. 6. We had a good time together, though at times his speed of play was comparable to that of one those 16-rpm records from an era long past.

Monday was boosted by a family outing to the City of Worthington/YMCA pool; Becca’s brother’s family had also descended upon us by then. Tuesday was then spent at the Mall of America. The Disney Store, naturally, was a highlight for the kids, and considering Grandma and Grandpa and other not-often-seen relatives were in attendance, all four 5-and-under youngsters made out like bandits. I got my big reward at the end of the day — steak and a cold brew.

Vacation, as a whole, was a reward in itself. And now that I’m back at work, I hope to reward readers with more regular “Tales.”