Getting Dressed For The Season

The countdown for trick-or-treating is on at the McGaughey household, and has been ever since the calendar flipped to October. Both kids are definitely excited, and every morning, when Zach goes to change the day-by-day calendar on my nightstand, he asks how many days are left until Halloween.

Not that having several days left until the big day has stopped him from wearing his costume every day since we bought it. After all, what 5-year-old boy wouldn’t want to be Captain America nowadays?

How Captain America even got on the Z-Man’s radar, I’m not entirely certain. I’m guessing it may have resulted from some sort of kids’ meal toy at one of many fast-food establishments, but then again it may have come about from seeing many kids his ages wearing various “Avengers” apparel. And now, of course, he really wants to watch the “Avengers” movie that just came out on DVD and BluRay, never mind the fact it’s PG-13 and he knows he’s too young to watch it. (“When I’m 44, I can watch it, right Dad?”). Heck, Bec ca and I rented the other night, and five minutes in looked at each other and said, “Zach’s not seeing this.”

So, I guess if the entire “Avengers” film franchise is suited, somewhat frustratingly, for an audience older than those who most play with superhero toys and wear most superhero clothes, I guess that leaves 5-year-old boys with merely their powerful imaginations.
Nothing wrong with that. Zach will don his Captain America outfit — a one-piece unit complete with matching mask — and grab his toy shield from his room for the perfect crime-fitting wardrobe. Then, I’ll be asked to be the Hulk, which I find hilarious since I’m not exactly a brawny, muscular figure (never mind not being green). Sometimes, we work together. Other times, we fight each other. Most times, I’m sure it’s funny to watch.

Grace, on the other hand, is embracing Halloween in a bit different way this year than in years past. Usually, she has been one of the Disney princesses, but she shocked us this year by announcing several weeks back that she wanted to go as a “dead bride.” The origins of this wish are unknown, but I suppose it’s kind of cool and definitely in the spirit of Oct. 31 (but a 7-year-old dead bride?)

We were more or less ready to acquiesce to this costume wish before Grace abruptly decided she wanted to be a witch instead. Now, Bec is going to make her costume, and a new wave of enthusiasm and anticipation is on.

In the meantime, as the temperature gets colder, I can’t help but wonder if an exceptionally chilly night is going to interfere with the kids’ costume plans somewhat. We got Zach’s costume on the large so that he can wear layers underneath, and I suppose there’s some improvisation that can be done with Grace, but I can’t help but hope this Oct. 31 isn’t a frigid affair — and, considering it was 27 degrees Wednesday morning, it may well be.
Besides, I think I’m going to go as Spider-Man. I want to look like a tough superhero, not a wuss in a coat, hat and gloves.