Summer’s Closing In

One week from today, the kids will be out of school for the summer. That certainly doesn’t feel right from a weather standpoint, but I suppose it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if Worthington thermometers hit — say — the high 80s next week. Southwest Minnesota has been known to have summer (as well as winter) appear out of essentially nowhere, after all.

Though there’s another few days of classes remaining, the schedule definitely got a lot more relaxed with the conclusion of Grace’s dance season this past Saturday. Grace, who just finished her fourth full year of instruction at Kay Williams Prunty’s The Dance Academy, continues to show no shortage of enthusiasm for not just dancing itself, but being on stage. I may have an obvious parental bias, but she did a wonderful job during the performances that took place Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. (And if you’ve never seen a Dance Academy recital, let me just say that though they last awhile, they’re quite entertaining. My mom visited last year and dreaded sitting through the whole thing, but she still talks about what a fantastic event it was.)

Grace also got piano wrapped up the previous weekend when she took part in a recital featuring fellow students of Diane Mick. That leaves little to hustle and bustle off to during this final week of school — which is of great relief to my wife, who does most of that hustling and bustling while I’m here at the Globe. (To be fair, I do contribute with some drop-offs and pick-ups, but they’re a fraction of my spouse’s.) We won’t be able to relax for too long, though.

Summer may mean no school, but there will plenty of activities even without dance and piano lessons. For one thing, it’s the Z-Man’s turn to be busy. Zach is tentatively scheduled to play tee ball (which I will likely help coach again), as well as tennis and golf. He seems to be excited about all three sports, which Bec and I think is outstanding considering his current favorite activities appear to be playing on a Wii, playing or watching something on my iPad or watching “SpongeBob SquarePants.” He will also likely have more swimming lessons.

And that’s just Zachary. Grace, too, plans to do tennis and golf, I believe, and may have additional swimming instruction as well. There are other activities that may be in the works for her — perhaps a dance workshop of some sort, and likely a girls’ book club that will meet intermittently. In other words, it’s shaping up to be a very busy summer — maybe even more frantic, at times, than the school year.

This means that, come August, I might very well write a blog about how the start of school will mean a return to normalcy and relative calm. A few weeks after that, though, I will probably feel the desire to eat my words.